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Jesus Gift Store is your source for authentic & hip Christian clothing, with trendy accessories aimed at young adults.
Let your light SHINE and be a positive force for good in the world with Jesus G.S. - Matthew 5:16
The Jesus G.S. product line is designed, printed and shipped from the USA.
We are like no other Christian store!  Est. 2018

Jesus G.S. Collections

Video of Jesus G.S. Jersey Shirts and how they fit.

Video of Jesus G.S. Women's Fitted Shirt and how it fits.

Why would anyone want to spend countless hours, days and weeks on end to create an online Christian store from scratch?

Read how Melanie Tipton took multiple sheets of tattered scrap paper held in an old shoe box and created Jesus Gift Store's clothing designs and website from scratch.



Jeffery Morrow

"I love the many great products that allows me to express my faith, while also reminding me of God and His ways.

I've purchased many products from Jesus Gift Store and I will buy more.

This is one of my favorite places to shop!"

Cindy Thomas

"Fantastic store & impressive products. Love it!"

Wayne Blevins 

"I love Jesus Gift Store because it gives young adults a place to buy modern and contemporary Christian clothing. It's a great place for me to shop for my kids and grandkids.

I recommend Jesus GS because it's different from other Christian stores and it's a hip store aimed at young adults. Love this site!"

Zeno Calafa
Verona, Italy

"Great, top quality online store for Christian products. Highly recommend for everybody!"

Zachary Carden

"It is wonderful seeing a website that is a full-throated shout for God and for the Christian life.

It's especially gratifying that Melanie Tipton (Jesus Gift Store owner) also matriculated at Carson Newman University.

Go Screaming Eagles! And Go Jesus Gift Store!"

Jan Blevins

"Jesus Gift Store is incredible! I placed an order. There are so many items to choose from and
I love it!"

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