Our Story

Hi friend, this is Melanie Tipton and I’m the owner of Jesus G.S. I’m from Tennessee and I began my online Christian store because I wanted to fill a void in the millennial market.

Yes, I could go online and find Christian merchandise, but most of it looked the same and wasn’t appealing to young adults because it was old-fashioned. I wanted to create a place where young adults could find unique faith-based merchandise that gives praise to Jesus in a contemporary, fun and trendy way.  

In April of 2017, is when I decided I was going to design the Jesus G.S. product line and include inspiring messages about life, love, laughter, being happy and trusting God.

So, I grabbed some scrap paper and started drawing my own designs. After spending endless hours of drawing designs on multiple sheets of tattered scrap paper held in an old shoe box, I decided it was time to pick out my favorites and go to work creating the Jesus G.S. product line. I used Adobe Illustrator to create all the technical aspects of the Christian designs. I also edited every aspect of the Jesus G.S. website.

It wasn't easy creating all Jesus G.S. designs from start to finish and producing the website from scratch. It took countless hours, days and weeks on end to get everything created, edited and produced from scratch. But the endless hours of hard work was worth it because I wanted to make sure my customers are happy with the Jesus G.S. high quality product line.

Our Christian merchandise is filled with positive and inspiring messages about trusting Jesus, God's love, being happy and loving America. I also created some funny shirts because having a sense of humor and laughing is great medicine for the soul.

Live. Love. Laugh. Be Happy. Trust God. is our motto because all of those actions give people a great opportunity to follow God's Word, make a positive difference in the world and they represent what our Jesus G.S. product line is all about.

Jesus G.S. offers several different options of inspiring and upscale casual wear aimed at young adults. If you need the same Jesus G.S. design on multiple shirt colors, that's no problem. Our entire Christian clothing line offers 1-15 colors per item! We also offer uplifting Christian accessories, such as iPhone cases, mugs and pillows

All of the Jesus G.S. product line became available and was officially established on 1/01/2018. 
Our Christian merchandise can be purchased in America, Canada and 238 countries and regions worldwide. Jesus G.S. product line is printed and made in the USA! 

Jesus G.S. is a place that is non-judgmental, genuine and authentic. Everyone is welcome into the Jesus G.S. community! Let's join together, share the inspiring GOOD NEWS about Christ and encourage the world about Jesus! 

Love y’all and God Bless, 

Melanie Tipton

Here is the Christian film I'm working on: When Angels Weep
Production: Soar On The Wings Of Eagles